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Volvo S60





This new-generation Volvo S60 has come in after a long gap with the discontinuation of its second-gen. The carmaker has sort of made up for this delay, as this next-gen sedan gets a major overhaul in its latest avatar. It might not be an attention magnet, but it’s a big step up from its older design. Yet, it’s very much in line with other Volvo models and gets a spacious cabin for four that’s packed with so much new tech. And, with a sorted ride and suspension for our road conditions, it’s quite hassle-free as well. Also, it would have been good to have a diesel option for great mile-munching capabilities. Still, this petrol engine gearbox is adequate enough for the most part. We still think Volvo might surprise us with a wider selection of engines upon its launch in March 2021.

Engine and Performance

Volvo is offering this S60 with a single petrol only option. And the engine we are talking about here is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Volvo says these four-cylinder powertrains reduce weight over the front wheels and improve agility and responsiveness to driving inputs. Well, the T8 plug-in hybrid version is unlikely to be launched in our country in the near future. What we get is the T4 Inscription trim powered by this 1,969cc engine that pumps out 190bhp of power and 300Nm of torque. It’s a silent engine, and not just on the move, but even at start-up or idling, you can hardly hear its noise. Only when the tacho needle goes beyond the 3,000rpm mark is when you can hear the engine’s whirring sound. But it will never get very prominent if you keep the revs below this mark. Which, for that matter, is quite easy as there’s loads of torque available even when you can cleanly rev through the power band till its 6,500rpm redline.

Ride and Handling

The S60 is also pretty impressive when it comes to ride and handling. It underpins Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform like the XC40 SUV. The carmaker has replaced the older Ford-derived chassis with this new one. It’s equipped with a double-wishbone front suspension and an integrally-linked rear axle. Gladly, its suspension is nicely tuned for our road conditions. The only things one will have to be careful about are bigger speed breakers and deeper potholes. But that’s something one has to anyway be cautious of with every car that comes with a long wheelbase. Otherwise, it does a commendable job of isolating the occupants from the road undulations and noises in the cabin. Even the jolts are absorbed well and never did we have any problems while traversing broken road sections and diversions.

Features and Equipment

What I’ve always admired Volvo for is that they load their cars with many features as standard. This is quite commendable knowing many manufacturers back here charge money for those as optional extras. The most prominent update is the vertically-oriented nine-inch touchscreen system flanked by vertical air-con vents. It supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, is nice to use, responsive, and with good feedback. It’s connected to a Harman Kardon sound system to take care of all your infotainment needs.

Interior Space and Quality

Its interior layout feels way better than the previous ones which looked cluttered with many buttons. This one is minimalistic with a nice big touchscreen. Volvo is offering a choice of upholstery options including leather blond or charcoal, or maroon brown paired with a charcoal interior. Interestingly, the inlays can also be opted for in either linear lime or driftwood. The highlight is a metallic trim running alongside the dashboard which is in contrast with the interior. One more thing worth mentioning is the generous use of leather on the dash and door pads.

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